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The Virgola lounge chairs in the Roseau print.
A dramatic departure from your typical cabin on the lake, this unique retreat adds shades of black to a tiny island...
The land is adjacent to the Colorado River, along which Brown and his girlfriend, Agustina Rodriguez, walk their dogs.
Barbara Hill's Dancehall/House in Marfa,...
Two-year-old Annika and five-year-old Soren make music on the "nap swing," a popular hangout spot for kids and adults...
A gravel path leads to a guesthouse, where Trainor supplemented an existing garden of yuccas and palm trees with...
An outdoor shower was the family’s first construction project.
Charlotte Perriand, Tokyo outdoor chaise, 2012.
An earthy palette is cutting edge rather than cookie-cutter with color blocking and groovy woven patterns.
Michael and Tamami brought greenery to the master bath courtyard, which is lined with Eco Arbor Designs deck tiles, in...
"It only cost about $48,000 to build, which was incredibly cheap," says Turner of the Stealth Barn.
There's little concern about privacy considering the canopy of trees that surrounds the house.