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“When I come home, this is like a sanctuary.
12 Perfect Plunge Pools For Your Small Outdoor Space
Don't have space for a massive pool in your backyard? No need to worry.
An ipe deck slopes sharply skyward behind Amy Persin’s house in Menlo Park, California, creating a secluded backyard...
The outdoor fireplace is one of the few remnants of the original structure.
In consultation with the clients, Alterstudio opted to clad the house in local cypress rather than imported,...
A Long Beach, NY project by West Chin Architects and Interior Designers.
Unlike the north-facing side of the home, the south-facing facade is completely windowless and opaque, with the...
The house was designed as a long, linear structure to accommodate the residents’ request that visitors always feel...
Reclaimed and recycled cypress beams measure 16 inches tall, six inches wide and are 36 feet long.
This modern residence by designer Soheil Nakhshab incorporates elements of the surrounding landscape through touches of...
From the back of the house, two 15-foot bi-folding doors from Centor fully open up into the main living area.
Shown here is the exterior private courtyard, where McClellan and Williams did their own landscaping.
Monory’s friends, the Leclercs, join her for an alfresco meal on the patio.
A wood-lined outdoor shower adds a modern touch to one of the decks.
Though the house is sleekly modern—some visitors unaccustomed to contemporary architecture have said it looks like a...
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