Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Out-of-the-Box Ceramics


Inspired by everything from pillowcases to quantum mechanics, these ceramic designers channel the surreal, the abstract, and the everyday to produce unique designs.

The sculpted eyeballs ornamenting the wheelthrown porcelain Giant Gilded Eye planter by Helen Levi are covered in a...
At 5 inches tall and 6 inches in diameter, Ed and Kate Coleman's Freke Bowls are made for function as well as display.
Clown-lovers will enjoy this head-turning outdoor pot by Dear God It's Me Isaac Studio.
Milk, sugar, or oats? Bound to start a conversation, the white porcelain Ceramic Mug with Gold Hooves from Barbara...
Ceramic artist Franceso Ardini's ceramic bowls draw their inspiration from quantum mechanics and the theories of...
Hilda Hellstrom's studio produces many works, which, like this one, resemble rocks from other galaxies with their...
This vase twists together two objects known for the domestic tranquility they inspire.