Collection by Kelly Dawson

Our Modern Farmhouse Dreams Come True in this North Carolina Gem


When the clients (and parents of two) are an an organic farmer and radiologist, you know the results are going to be unique.

A thirty-something couple with two young children envisioned a home in Wake County, North Carolina, that would be practically oxymoronic: simultaneously old and modern, resembling properties of the past but with the clean lines of the present. As an organic farmer and a radiologist, they were already experienced with uniting disparate backgrounds, and they called upon in situ studio to find the same balance for their impending address. Naturally, one of the first things in situ studio principal Erin Sterling Lewis did was study the classics. The couple desired a farmhouse, so she drove around the area until she found longstanding structures made in that style. She ad her team kept Historic Architecture of Wake County, a book by Kelly A. Lally, in easy access at the office. Lewis referenced other architects, made drawings of her own, and then unveiled a cohesive vision to her clients. They now drive off a two-lane road to arrive at a secluded homestead where traditional details bolster a modern floor plan. “Two children sleep upstairs, and the master suite stretches towards the forest in the rear of the house,” Lewis says. Two opposing ideas made for one wholesome finish.

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