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Orange, Black, and Modern All Over: These Homes Will Get You in the Halloween Spirit


While these dwellings are not very scary, they are certainly appropriate for the holiday. Charred-wood facades and bold pops of orange round out this festive collection.

Burning the top one-eighth inch of each wood board is a natural way to preserve the timber and (paradoxically) make it...
Bob Krone and Paula van Dijk go for a walk while Lucas and Jillis Noordhoek lounge on the grass.
Since Copenhagen is generally cold, the house was painted black to trap warmth.
Bright orange and cobalt-blue surfaces dominate the minimalist kitchen.
Last but not least, make a major statement and designate separate living areas with the help of shipping containers.
The owners’ goal was to transform the 19th-century building into a bold single-family residence.
A bright-orange polyurethane coating rescues the dugout from any suggestion of darkness or dinginess.
An orange chair and cream ottoman of Risom's design.
While the house is a private sanctuary, the barn is a gathering place, especially in summer.
Doonan stands next to the front door. “We have flamboyance, and we’re not inhibited about anything.
Terunobu Fujimori's Charred Cedar House, completed in 2007, is clad in charred cedar boards, which have been treated...
Buser and Chapoton blackened the exterior cladding themselves.
Ryall installed vertical circulation elements, opening an unobstructed 47-foot-long view from front to back, and kept...
A gently winding set of exposed aggregate concrete pads leads to the Wabi House’s front door.
The kids' room is outfitted with a cheerful orange Case Study daybed from Modernica and a selection of vintage maps and...
Using prefabricated elements, Bas van Bolderen Architectuur and Studio Puisto Architects were able to complete the...
The architects went with a bold, orange hue for the kitchen countertops.
“From the street, it appears as a rectangular building with sloping shed roofs, but this is actually an illusion,”...
In this custom-built London guesthouse kitchen designed by Studiomama, lustrous vertically clad cabinetry achieves...
The slightly below-ground kitchen sits inside a boxy extension, clad in recycled timber and stained kettle black.