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Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas That Work


When done right, open kitchen shelving is a storage approach that's both visually attractive and highly functional—favorite pieces and tools are elevated to display status, and everything is within easy reach. When done wrong, an open storage plan can quickly make for a cluttered mess. The trick is all in the clever use of space. Here, six kitchens with open shelving solutions that work.

Vintage kettles and a wide-ranging assortment of pots and pans sit above kitchen cabinets from IKEA.
Now rented out as an office/retail space, the downstairs contains a kitchen, which is fitted with Ikea lamps and steel...
Harry Bates designed this simple cedar house for a young family in New York in 1967.
In the 141 Spring Street project, resident Josh Nissenboim prepares food in the kitchen.
For the kitchen, Tyler hired David Restorick, a furniture maker and friend, to build an island for storage and to wrap...
The Park Street renovation nearly doubled the size of a tired Victorian; the kitchen now benefits from a high ceiling...