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Ong Jars


Ong® jars are the attractive alternative to plastic and metal rainwater collection vessels, collecting hundreds of gallons of rainwater while adding dramatic style to landscapes, patios or entryways.
Ong® Jar Sizes:

Large Ong: approximately 56"w x 44"h (450 gallons)
Tall Ong: approximately 40"w x 51"h (240 gallons)j

Small Ong: approximately 42"w x 32"h (160 gallons)

Mini-Tall Ong: approximately 33"w x 39"h (115 gallons)

Color Options: Ong® jars are available unstained or, for the same price, stained and sealed to complement your landscape design. An additional interior sealant helps protect the exterior finish. Pricing includes one color ($50 for an additional color).

Material and Fittings: Made from dense concrete, Ong® jars feature hose faucet fittings, drain plugs, galvanized or decorative hardwood tops for customized downspout penetration.

Covers and Inserts: Each vessel includes a galvanized metal lid for easy downspout insertion. Rain chains and drop-in metal debris filter baskets are available.

Ong® jars may be purchased online or by calling 1-210-735-7999.

We deliver and install regionally and ship nationwide.
Prices do not include shipping and delivery. Our Big Grass team will provide you shipping prices and delivery options upon completion of your purchase. Questions? Please call 1-210-735-7999.

Because Ong® jars are a rainwater harvesting product, they are sales tax-exempt with a signed tax waiver affidavit.

Ong® jars are carefully handmade by artisans and skilled craftsmen, so natural variations in size and shape will occur. These variations are an intrinsic part of the Ong® jars natural beauty, making these pieces unique works of art. Find more information, eco-facts, and online resources at

Rainwater Harvesting - Ong...
Rainwater Harvesting - Ong...
Rainwater Harvesting - Ong...