Collection by Marianne Johnsgård

On the Scene at Stockholm Design Week 2013


In the middle of the cold and dark winter, the Swedes hold their annual Stockholm Design Week, drawing exhibitors and visitors from Europe and other parts of the world. We met with a mix of established producers and new talents on the opening day, when design studios all over Stockholm welcomed international media to see their brand new pieces. While the much-debated topic among the country’s design crowd is the slightly existential question “What is Swedish design?”, one thing is certain: It is definitely alive.

Using geometric shapes, designers Sara and Anna Larsson at young furniture brand A2 (established 2008) gives the Sneak...
Producer Klong has a long tradition of collaborating closely with the designers they approach.
The experimental F-A-B series from Färg & Blanche looks at the modest wooden chair as a nude body that can be given a...
Stockholm-based Note Design Studio works within interior design, architecture, and graphic design as well as product...
The Area modular system was originally launched by Lammhults a few years back.
Architect and designer Jonas Wagell has drawn inspiration from bank safe deposit boxes for his key cabinet Vault for...
A dark brown leather edge runs around the Rink table by Eva Schildt for manufacturer Klong.
Leisure furniture producer Skargaarden has collaborated with Swedish lighting designers Mårten och Gustav Cyrén at...
Architect Nils Strinning first made the String shelving system in 1949.
Valet stand Herrbetjent by...
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