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This Little Apartment in New York Unleashes the Power of Pegs
New storage, clever furniture, and lots of pegboards help a New York attorney get organized.
Visitors learn about energy and water conservation as they climb outdoor staircases that lead from the forest floor to...
The office design was inspired by “blues, jazz and Bossa Nova." Tiled walls help optimize acoustics.
The space opened on the first day of Spring and is filled with an array of plants that include a moss wall, air plant...
The study features floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that bring the outdoors in. Space-saving custom walnut desks...
A coat of white IdeaPaint can expand the limited scope of a home office.
Mike's second-floor office features locally-sourced cabinetry.
Mark Fekete and Viviana de Loera of MARK+VIVI transformed a former tire shop in the Verdun borough of Montreal into a...
Design studio the Andes House saw potential for an office system in an unlikely material.