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Minimalist, functional, and colorful -- that's what you get when several of Ikea's Ekby Tygvve Mensola wooden shelves...
“Each element contributes its own part to the entire whole,” says Quinn.
The rooms, featuring sloped ceilings, feel small and intimate.
Illuminated by a String Light from Flos, the bedroom embraces the loft’s palette with a side table, duvet, and pillows...
By the bed, the shelving pattern is meant to suit Vinciguerra’s tendency to read several comics and graphic novels at...
An installation of Wabi River, a silver-and-gold marbled mural by Calico Wallpaper, cofounded by residents Rachel and...
A desk organizer and wall mirror collection by Kristina Krogh.
A series of objects by Kristina Krogh.

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