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Lake Ohau

Central Entry...
Rookie firm Patch Work Architecture used locally sourced Lawson cypress to clad the exterior of a 970-square-foot house...
A concrete slab at the entry transitions to a staircase of recycled tawa.
Full-height glazing caps the central living area.
The auxiliary cabins contain the sleeping quarters. A ladder leads to a sleeping loft underneath a gabled ceiling.
A rear deck is nestled behind the central cabin, flanked by the sleeping quarters.
“A summer house is every Swede’s dream,” says Duncanson, who was born in Scotland.
A Fermob table and chairs are on the rooftop terrace. “The weather is unpredictable, to say the least.
The deck offers views and a quiet spot for outdoor dining.
Though the daughter didn’t want all-glass walls, natural light and airflow were key.
Thanks to clever engineering by Sand Studios, seven-year-old Macy can operate the 2,000-pound door.
The sauna is a decidedly Scandinavian touch.
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