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»Nummern« Calendar


„Nummern“ is a minimalistic wall calendar for 2017, printed on finest Colorplan paper. The special thing about „Nummern“ is its lack of letters. The calendar is for everybody who loves typography and good design. Seven columns for each weekday and twelve rows give a good overview to plan the year. This print is both, design-poster and calender. The screenprinted poster is designed with the classic „Chap“ Font by the Typefoundry Schick Toikka and comes in four light colors of the GF Smith Colorplan paper.

Close-up of the rough open texture paper by GF...
The minimalistic calendar consists of 7 columns and 12 rows.
The calendar is available in four nice and light colours. You can even write on it and use it as a wall planner.
The numbers of the Chap Typeface have a classic touch.
The calendar is for lovers of typography and simplistic design.
The calendar is printed on finest Coloprplan Paper made by GF Smith from England.
"Nummern" is a screenprinted numbers-only calendar for 2017.