Collection by Aaron Britt

Nouvel Studio Factory Tour


If you've been following my tweets, you'll know that I've been in Mexico City for the last several days taking the lay of the design landscape. It's fertile down here, let me tell you. Though I'll offer a few more thorough posts later this week, I did want to get a slideshow up on the site showing what I saw at the Nouvel Studio glass factory. It's actually just outside of Mexico City, though considering how unrelentingly urban this sprawling 585 square mile city is, you'd never know you left town. Have a look at my Nouvel Studio factory tour to see how this glassmaker has a hand in everything from high-design one-offs to your favorite bottle of mass-market tequila.

Our first stop in the tour was the conference room, which hosted loads of shelves filled with wonderfully colorful...
Though you might also recognize a tequila bottle or two from the scads that Nouvel Studio has done for various...
Once we'd had our introductions we suited up in safety glasses for a glimpse of the factory. Fetching, no?
Nouvel Studio has been around for 15 years.
It was quite hot in the factory, and very very noisy.
Here one of the glass artisans takes a blown piece of glass and shapes it and works it using a pedal-operated torch.
I couldn't tell you what this machine was for--we weren't let in to see it but from a distance--but like much of the...
In keeping with that commitment to color, our tour guide Michael Kramer showed us these rods of pure colored glass that...
The factory was full of all manner of objects in all stages of production.
Here's a big box of Patron tequila bottles ready for the next phase of their lives.
Here's another view of a single Patron bottle.
Later in the process the workers clean and wet the bottles once they're in the shape they need to be. This man was...
Utterly by chance we ran into Jeremy Pyles of Niche Modern, a lamp company based out of Beacon, New York.
Here's a closer look at what we might be seeing from Niche soon. Pyles told me, "Studio Nouvel is a design paradise.
Back outside I could not resist taking a photo of this recycling bin. All the glass that must find its way in here.
Michael Kramer is Swiss and has been a partner at Studio Nouvel for ten years.
The Populonia vase is a lovely piece from Nouvel's High Design line.