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Gzub, take a non-map (niemapa) and go for a walk! Look around, observe, ask, find out, look inside! Gzub – in dialect of Poznan means “child”. The cooperation under the Design and Creativity Festival for Kids organised by Concordia Design, has brought a lot of fun with it for mode:lina™ team! The designers' task was to create an exhibition for children, which simultaneously would be a premiere for all-Poland project NIEMAPA in Poznań.

The exhibition took place from 02.10 to 09.10.
That is how an enormous maze made of carton has been created.
Additionally, during the exhibition there were available the most characteristic sounds of Poznań to listen to for...
NIEMAPA is an exceptional designed series of illustrated city guides for children and their families. Considering the...
Small and big explorers have been looking through every nook and cranny of the city.