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North Carolina Modernist Houses will host a one-day-only tour of the “most high-profile modern pre-fab house in America.”

October 7, 2016 (Pittsboro, NC) -- Following the success of James Taylor’s childhood home auction this past July, the original “Dwell” House in Pittsboro – so named for its connection to Dwell magazine -- will be sold by auction in November. And as with the Taylor house, North Carolina Modernist Houses (NCMH) will sponsor a one-day tour on Saturday, October 29, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

NCMH is a non-profit preservation organization dedicated to documenting, preserving, and promoting Modernist residential design across North Carolina.

Dwell is an American magazine devoted to modern architecture and design. In 2003, Dwell’s editors partnered with the original homeowners to initiate the Dwell Home Design Invitational, a 21st century version of the Case Study Houses program. The designs submitted had to be pre-fabricated with sections no wider than 16 feet so that they could be moved by truck to the site on the top of a small mountain in Pittsboro, NC. Resolution 4: Architecture in New York City designed the winning submission.

Module assembly began in April 2004 at Carolina Building Systems in Salisbury, NC. That July, over 2000 people braved the heat and the mountain climb to attend the first open house. Since then, the media, designers, and design enthusiasts have heaped praise on the original Dwell House, including the Washington Post, who dubbed it "the most high-profile modern prefab house in America.”

Tickets for the tour are $10. Entrance is on a timed basis. Timed entry tickets are available at www.ncmodernist.org/pit... Participants will take a free shuttle to and from the house. To provide vehicle and pedestrian safety, no walking will be permitted up the long driveway to the house.

For more information on the tour, contact Executive Director George Smart: george@ncmodernist.org; 919-740-8407.

For more information on NCMH, visit www.ncmodernist.org.

About North Carolina Modernist Houses:

North Carolina Modernist Houses (NCMH) is an award-winning 501C3 nonprofit organization, established in 2007, dedicated to documenting, preserving, and promoting Modernist residential design across the state. In 2016, the American Institute of Architects awarded NCMH founder George Smart the Institute Award for Collaborative and Professional Achievement. The website www.ncmodernist.org is the largest open digital archive for Modernist residential design in America. NCMH also hosts popular architecture events every month plus frequent home tours, giving the public access to the most exciting residential architecture, past and present. NCMH programs raise awareness and help preserve these "livable works of art" for future generations. For more information: www.ncmodernist.org. Find NCMH on Facebook. Follow NCMH on Twitter and Instagram.

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