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New Products From Aldo Bakker


Familiar objects take surprising new forms in the hands of experimental Dutch designer (and self-proclaimed "control freak") Aldo Bakker, who we previously profiled in our May 2012 issue. The son of the late avant-garde jewelry artist Emmy van Leersum and Gijs Bakker, cofounder of the influential Dutch conceptual design collective Droog, Bakker has spent much of his creative professional life forging his own design identity. “When my father was at Droog, he was in my way,” Bakker says. “I had to push to find my own path.” Here, his latest crop of avant-garde objects and furnishings.

Avant-garde Dutch designer Aldo Bakker's 3dwn1up chair is built from five pieces of wood: one seat and four "legs," one…
Anura was initially created for the Wallpaper* handmade series in collaboration with leather manufacturer Santiago…
The Fume chair was inspired by "simple church and peasants' furniture." The chair contains just enough elements to…
To create Pose, Bakker considered "the most elemental and the quickest way to create a bench: two vertical parts with a…
Three Pair is crafted from three abstract stone components that form a stool.
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