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New Olds at Israeli Design Museum


There's an interesting new museum in Israel, just south of Tel Aviv, with a corkscrewing exterior of rust-red Cor-Ten steel: Design Museum Holon, designed by Ron Arad. Their forthcoming exhibition is especially compelling. "New Olds: Design Between Tradition and Innovation" will run May 26 through September 10, curated by Volker Albus in collaboration with the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen. The wide-ranging show spotlights works by over sixty Israeli and international designers who straddle tradition and innovation, drawing inspiration from historical references and symbols ranging from cuckoo clocks and deer antlers to traditional porcelain and Baroque objects. Maarten Baas, for example, has reinterpreted the mundane white plastic garden chair, melding it with a hand-carved wooden chair; Frank Willems bends and twists mattresses to form chairs and stools. If you happen to be in Israel over the next few months, check it out—especially if you can visit during one of the accompanying lectures, given by international designers and 18 up-and-coming and established Israeli designers. Here's a peek at what's on view, along with some commentary on each piece by Albus and Galit Gaon, the chief curator of the museum.

Happy Material by Pini Leibovich.
Mono Thone by Martino Gamper.
Golden Age by Meirav Peled Barzilay.
Fixie Lamp by DAG Designlab.
Werkstadt-Kabinett by Studio Makkink & Bey. "The title of this work alone promises something new.
Blow Away Vase by Front.
Raw 001 by Haim Parnas.
Custom Made Chair by Karen Ryan. "Made from salvaged furniture pieces, each chair is a completely unique work of art.
Rope Bench by Yoav Reches. "This plywood bench has been constructed using only rope tension.
Secrets D-6 by Arik Ben Shimhon.
Mesh by Tal Gur. "Mesh is a web of metal wires that lie over a base of curved iron rods—a spider web of sorts.

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