Collection by Diana Budds

New from Note Design: Marginal Notes #2


Note Design Studio opened "Excursion," its second "Marginal Notes" exhibition at the Lindelöf showroom and gallery Wednesday night. Eagerly awaiting the follow-up to last year's collection, I trekked over to the space Thursday morning to see what the design group released. Their bright, pop sensibility (let's just say that they're armed with a palette of neon hues and aren't afraid to use it) was reflected yet again in the designs, which were inspired by thoughts, musings, and sketches captured in their notebooks. Here's how they describe the methodology: "We went deep into the forest to explore, measure, and collect…We examined our notebooks in search of the ideas in the margin—those unique sketches that pop out when you look again…Many seemed to have a common theme that we simply called "Base Camp"; the simplistic materials and shapes of scientific field expedition tools adapted to stand wear and tear." The way that these objects were reinterpreted consistently had me standing there nodding to myself and saying, "well, now, that's clever." Have a look at the designs in our slideshow and see for yourself.

This attractive lamp features a paper shade based off of an origami tetrahedron.
The Settler bench is inspired by a recently felled log sitting on a sawbuck.
The Catch lamp is based on a butterfly net.
Here are the Keep storage boxes, which feature brightly colored mesh backing.
Though Note describes the Tuck pouffes as being derivatives of knit hats, they look more like mushrooms to me. I do...
Inspired by a sifter at an excavation site, the Sifter coat rack has a handy tray to stash gloves, mittens, bags, or...