Collection by Kyle Copeland

New England Beach Homes

Originally designed by Jack Hall in the 1960s for Robert Hatch, an editor of The Nation and his wife,...
for your consideration...
for your consideration...
Architecture and design by Workshop...
“Structure, rather than decorative elements, provides visual appeal,” Cook says.
Escape From New York
It was no exodus, of course, but when Kathleen Triem quit her job at a Manhattan design firm in July 1996, her associates were...
This Tiny New England Cottage Is a No-Frills Weekend Hideaway
A one-room retreat outside Providence, Rhode Island, takes up no more space than a standard two-car garage.
An Artist Builds a Wooden Home That Lets Nature Be the Boss
In coastal New England, an artist turns a wooded property into a haven for creating and living.
Bauhaus by the Sea
No nautical nonsense here.
The roof deck sprawls across the whole footprint of the house, overlooking the neighborhood, and is Oyibo’s favored...
The Vermont-based Jamaica Cottage Shop built this 132-square-foot writer's retreat using a super durable timber-frame...
An Unconventional Prefab on Fishers Island
A family’s remote island retreat becomes a more permanent home base, thanks to the efficiency of building modular.
New England Vacation Home Emphasizes Island Breeze and Spectacular Views
Four structures situated on a wooded strip of Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts celebrate their stunning natural...

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