Collection by Luke Hopping

New College Try: Fresh Design from Students


Model-making is all well and good, but there's no substitute for hands-on experience. These five architecture programs empowered students to design and build functional structures in their communities. What they came up with bodes well for the next generation of architecture.

By creating an outdoor pavilion for swimmers to change, the designers relieved an interior gym space that was dedicated...
Organized east to west, the steel screen varies in density and supports an angled roof, providing shade without...
Sliding glass doors made from Viridian’s ComfortPlus glass and yellow cedar wood lead to decks flanking the kitchen and...
Built of prefabricated modules, the house is a comfortable, loft-like design that can be constructed easily.
The European-themed SCADpad unit includes about 40,000 pieces of fabric and and a custom rubber surface on the floors,...

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