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Nasal Aspirator for Young Children


Caring for a young child is full of unglamorous but necessary practices, but this pediatrician-designed device is meant to make nasal care more hygienic and effective. Babies cannot breathe through their noses until they hit six months of age, and even after that age, they’re not able to properly blow their noses. That means their nasal passages and sinuses can clog and play host for germs or inhibit proper breathing. Nasal aspirators draw out the mucus to alleviate congestion, and the Nosiboo is to other drug store aspirators as a Dyson is to other vacuum cleaners. Available online, $192.

The Nosiboo comes from a design and product engineering firm who, alongside pediatricians, spent two years developing...
The collection receptacle gets suction from the main unit’s motor.
A knob on the top of the unit adjusts the suction according to the child’s age.
There are other options for the same purpose, almost all of which are significantly cheaper—about $15 is the starting...

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