Collection by Clifford Nies

Mythic Meets Modern


The idea, Price writes, is to “bring our human story and nature’s power back into modern architecture.”

In 2005, in coastal Ireland, the result was a multi-part tribute in stone and steel to the mythical Children of Lir,...
In 1993, the students designed a temple consisting of an eight-by-eight- foot cube perched on a floating platform...
In 1999, Price took Spirit of Place to Peru to build a houseboat for an eco-tourist retreat on the Yarapa River, a...
The floating room emulates local huts with its steep thatched roof that easily sheds the region’s punishing rains.
A Professor Takes His Students Around the World to Build Modern Spiritual Monuments
A Washington, D.C.-based architecture professor takes his students to remote outposts to create modern structures steeped in...

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