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The notion of a sea captain who could wake-n- fold his bed to entertain young ladies on shore - Murphy is making a splash. This could be the re-start of something very small!

The interior of the Murphy bed compartment is lined with a stained cork panel and contains a smaller shelving unit for...
Do it Yourself: Double Murphy Bed, this Baltic birch bunk tucks into a 12-inch-deep wall for an easy hidden addition to...
The open-plan space is outfitted with a custom Murphy bed designed by Janiszewska.
Montague’s office doubles as a guest room thanks to a Murphy bed that folds out to reveal shelves stocked with design...
One of the shelving units includes a Murphy bed, making for a comfortable sleeping space.
Pure and simple storage catch all, including Z's.
The first models were kinda trampy.
Resource Furniture conceives of a hole in the wall in one - with attachments like sofas and desks.
Book smart bed for the Bennington Breed.
You've got mail - and Melamine. Clean and bright and no bed in sight.
An office by day, sweet guest room whenever.
Often linked to small apartments, this bed is hinged on one end to go away when needed.