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Multifunctional Building


The project develops by valuing its surroundings, influencing their form promoting its function and bringing the population to get involving culture and fun associated with relaxation.

This project was conceived by the beauty of movement through the water, with a perfect inspiration for a composition with its surroundings, giving balance and harmony between these elements of these two worlds.

With a common axis, volumes are developed, alternating in full and empty with opaque and transparent surfaces determining your function. In this way, the project emphasizes the visual domain of the surrounding landscape, with volumes that generate a particular spatial dynamic with different visual relations, creating this ample space of coexistence for the population.

With sustainability-driven performance, which would present energy efficiency, automation, water management, thermal and acoustic comfort, brise du soleil that involves the vast majority of the project and higher performance materials, are some possible examples, being that this set presents Museum, shops, restaurants, offices, space for amusements and others.

Makes this designed space has a relation with the city of total partnership and good coexistence.

Its entire length of the seafront where LED strips will be placed, to represent important dates in the city in their...
(1) Its a immersive space with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the...

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