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One <a href=" penned a heartfelt account of how Michael's talk helped him reprioritize his life</a> — it's well-worth a good read. Make sure you have a tissue handy.
You can share your story, too, in 2017. There will be 10 speaking slots.

The only rule we have governing stories told during an Ignite talk is that they cannot relate to online marketing or feature anything resembling career advice.

This is your chance to show some personality.

Take a look at the topics covered from 2016:

Help! I Can't Stop Sweating – Hyperhidrosis, by Adam Melson
Life Lessons Learned as a Special Needs Parent, by Adrian Vender

How Pieces of Paper Can Change Lives, by Anneke Kurt Godlewski

Prison and a Girl that Loves Puppies, by Caitlin Boroden

Embracing Fear, Potential Failure, and Plain Ol' Discomfort, by Daisy Quaker

A Plane Hacker's Guide to Cheap *Luxury* Travel, by Ed Fry

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