Collection by Kelsey Keith

More Pieces from American Designer Paul Isabella


A new collection of wooden furniture and home goods from Minneapolis design studio Isabella Furniture.

In Dwell's July/August 2013 issue we profile a host of American designers and studios from coast to coast. We grouped our product pages by region in order to highlight the wide array of goods made in each area of the country, from homegrown materials. One such designer is an upstart named Paul Isabella, who resides in Minnesota and works under the moniker Isabella Furniture. Paul, a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design (along with Jerri Hobdy, a current SCAD student whose cutting-edge stool was included on page 60), specializes in handcrafted, wooden pieces that hearken back to Shaker and Federal traditions—but with a minimalist, modern feeling.

Isabella Furniture's Federal hook system, which Dwell featured in our July/August issue, features laser cut steel hooks...
Isabella harvest and mills most of the wood himself, saying, "Some of the smaller pieces and turned objects come from...
Two no-fuss cutting boards, both finished with food-grade beeswax and mineral oil Isabella makes himself.
Isabella Furniture's turned salt cellar with a solid brass top and wooden spoon is a throwback to an earlier era of...
Isabella's Ardor hits the art note in his new collection.