Collection by Tiffany Chu

Mold It, Cast It


From the first copper frog cast in Mesopotamia, molding and casting has progressed a long way in the realm of architecture and design since 3200 BC. Here's a roundup of some of our favorite recent projects that are redefining the boundaries of materials and formwork, and will hopefully inspire five more millennia of creative fabrication techniques.

Here is a closeup of a double layer of acrylic cast in a formwork of balloons (later popped), seen at OMA's Prada store...
Voluptuous and deceptive, Andrew Kudless's P-wall is made from poured plaster cast in nylon fabric.
Max Lamb's pewter stool is cast from a formwork of wet sand on the beaches of Cornwall, England.
Casting various forms with the help of balloons (and then popping them afterwards) has become a fun whimsy for...
The walls of Copenhagen's newest concert hall, DR Byen by Jean Nouvel, boasts a quirky twist on the traditional...
Designed by Yoav Avinoam in 2009, this Shavings Table is made from a composite of mixed sawdust, leftover wood...
As yet another variation on traditional concrete walls, Steven Holl uses a formwork of bamboo to cast these dark ribbed...
This Neolastic Tableware series by Studio Sjoerd Jonkers makes use of a drip technique of fabrication.
Vincent de Rijk has designed a both sinks and bathtubs from his signature mix of polyester resin.

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