Collection by Tim Hanrahan

Modular Beach Home in Australia


For this four-module prefab house off the Australian coastline, local firm Archiblox’s aim was “to create an inspiring double height living area with full glazing along the northern façade that could be enjoyed throughout the changing seasons,” according to architect Bill McCorkell. Click through the slideshow for a tour of the light-filled home.

The Byron Bay House lies within 100 meters of the beach.
According to McCorkell, the l-shaped footprint “[braces] the dwelling from the predominant winter winds from the...
The best view of the sea comes from the master bedroom on the home's northern edge.
The four separate modules, made primarily from timber, took 26 weeks to construct.
An additional six weeks of construction were required on site to accommodate the large amount of decking and the...
A striking stair defines the entry to the house; it features minimalist floating timber stair treads wrapped around a...
In the kitchen, an island countertop serves as a mixed-use area for cooking, storage, and seating for up to five people.
The residents, a family of three, spread out over the house's four bedrooms and two living areas.