Collection by Diana Budds

Modern Wine-Tasting Pavilions Artfully Attuned to the Landscape


In the Napa Valley, Walker Warner Architects crafted modern wine tasting pavilions designed to blend in with the bucolic California landscape. "The story of Quintessa and the intense focus of the Huneeus family is about the land and the celebration of place," Greg Warner and Michael McCabe of Walker Warner Architects say. "Per the founder’s vision, Quintessa is not about a building, it is about a place—any structures built in this place need to be minimal interventions that integrate with their surroundings."

Quintessa Winery has a commitment to creating modern architecture that complements rather than competes with the...
Carefully selected materials make the building appear as if it grew from the land.
Here's a detail of the concrete wall, which features the formwork's imprints.
"The altitude at which the pavilions are positioned presents a serene setting where one can only hear the wind in the...
But onto the real question: The pavilion is a definite delight to the eyes, but does it make the wine more tasty?...
"Key to the special nature of the pavilion’s purpose is that guests are immersed in the landscape and surrounded by the...
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