Collection by Aileen Kwun

Modern Stucco Homes


We're stuck on these homes that make use of the grainy, sculptural material in alluring ways—including the occasional dose of color.

A second-floor balcony overlooks a landscaped garden and a 1,000-square-foot detached garage.
A good dose of Barragán—turned a dark and beleaguered mid-century house into a family home for the ages.
With clean white stucco cladding and unusual angles, the three-module house stands out from the surrounding...
Dawn Farmer sits on the bed in the master bedroom.
Pereira’s clients asked him to create a unique “work of art” under no budget constraints or deadline.
Winter temperatures in northern Galilee can be as cool as 50 degrees, with summer temperature as high as 100 degrees.
“Using white allowed me to lighten up small interior spaces and at the same time respect the original colors of the...