Collection by Zachary Edelson

Modern Stairs We Love


From a minimalist Walter Gropius design to a curving sculptural stair, these six stairways run the gamut.

A built-in sofa with Design Tex upholstery marks the boundary between the two-level addition and the bungalow.
The living room of the Gund house is a large, open space whose biggest architectural move is a curving staircase.
Torres Moskovitz designed custom stainless steel recessed boxes, fitted with LED strip lighting, for the stair landings.
At the base of the first floor landing, black recinto volcanic stones divide the first floor’s informal dining area...
Below a twisting steel staircase sits a stool from the impossibly rare 1967 Girard Group for Herman Miller (it was only...
The main staircase consists of simple oak treads that cantilever out from side walls sheathed in natural vertical board...