Collection by Erika Heet

Modern Shingled Houses


Shingle style takes on a new meaning in the following 7 modern houses that approach the genre in innovative ways.

Adventurous but subtle. Something different that doesn’t scream for attention.
A section of the farmhouse’s original shingled roof peeks out from under the new, raised ceiling in the master bedroom.
“I didn’t want the kind of manicured garden that would mean I’d have to come out on weekends and mow the lawn,” says...
The parcel was practically inaccessible.
A handful of boxy protrusions on the facade give the modernist residence an additional three-dimensionality.
A bright-yellow “R” sign, from a truck that used to deliver furniture from Jens Risom Design, sets off the southern...
A small deck off the back of the main house is protected from the wind and supported by a small grassy mound.