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Modern Nomads


Trailers, tiny houses and any semi-mobile dwelling. Here are homes that travel the backroads with their owners.

Custom-designed furniture outfits the interior of a bunker-turned-vacation retreat in the Netherlands.
Architect Bruno Despierre built a deck for outdoor activities from pine wood.
"Light colors make [your space] feel more spacious and airy," says Macy Miller.
Texas. The Cricket Trailer, made in Houston, can sleep up to two adults and two children.
An enthusiastic cook, Miller says she can easily work in the galley-style kitchen.
Boise, Idaho–based architectural designer Macy Miller built her own 196-square-foot home, which she shares with her...
Competition: Backyard Tiny...
Competition: Backyard Tiny...
The honeycomb fiberglass base sets a strong foundation.
The camper is equipped with marine-quality parts and accessories that have been personally tested by the Happier Camper...
The tent fabric guards against the torrential wind and rain that can sweep through Big Sur.