Collection by Jaime Gillin

Modern Meets Historic in Denmark


This conference center, designed by the Amsterdam-based firm SeARCH, is an extension of a 14th-century Danish farm and building. Designed for Novo Nordisk a/s, the biggest insulin producer in the world, the building contains an auditorium, offices, restaurants, meeting rooms, sports and fitness facilities, and guest rooms—and aims to represent a more dynamic model for what a conference center can be. Here's a look inside. All photos by Iwan Baan.

The Novo Nordisk conference center is located on the shore of a lake in Hillerød, on the footprint of ‘Favrholm,’ a...
The restored 14th-century farmhouse, pictured here, contains the main entrance.
By realizing the extension partly underground, the architects maintained the view to the monumental farm.
A view of the historic farmhouse and the modern northern and eastern extensions.
Here's one spot where old (the farmhouse) meets new (the conference wing).
Novo Nordisk had originally hoped for a series of conference rooms in varying styles, from classical to postmodern.
Each meeting room has a floor plan in the shape of a cow’s ear or leaf, all of them slightly different in shape, size...
A view of the staircase that connects the on-site restaurant with the underground conference wing.
There's plenty of alfresco seating outside the East Wing auditorium.
An exterior view of the connection between the East Wing and the existing farmhouse.