Collection by Megan Hamaker

Modern Media Storage & Display


When you've taken the time and given so much thought to the design and aesthetic of your home it's almost a shame to have to incorporate a television, and yet we just can't pry ourselves away from the latest episode of that one show we all love. Here, six homeowners and one expert demonstrate how to fit a TV into your home and still retain a beautiful interior design.

On the opposite side of the hallway, the storage wall bumps out to accommodate the television and entertainment systems...
Weijnen's office adjoins the living room, an open area furnished with a 1950s television cabinet (housing a new TV), a...
A ladder leads up to the bedroom, which is tucked under the curve of the vaulted roof.
A ceiling-hung projection TV, aimed at a white wall, frees up floor space in the living room, where David Carmel’s...
The couple had a big flatscreen TV but didn't want it to be the focus of the living room.
When it comes to media storage in a small space, consider making the most of your nooks and crannies.

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