Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Modern Low-Tech Toys


Providing fresh, colorful alternatives to the plugged-in entertainment devices of today, these designs—including a couple of highlights from the Dwell Store—modernize classic pastimes and celebrate life's simple joys.

ReForm school's Amish Made Scooter comes in three sizes and two colors: black or red.
ShapeMaker Wooden Blocks by Miller Goodman via Dwell Store...
The steam-bent ash Max Push car by family-owned German Sirch company mixes minimalism with imagination.
Brooklyn-based Fort Standard designed these Balancing Blocks for Areaware.
This handmade, Italian owl figurine is made from recycled wood.
Eames House Blocks will give any child an early education in design.
Manny & Simon's Police Car Wooden Push Toy is sure to bring order to playtime.
This Japanese-inspired wooden robot by David Weeks for Areaware is sure to endure beyond the latest, greatest...
Spot color printed balls of woodfree paper dangle kaleidoscopically above children with the Themis Mobile.
The Dado Cube set from Fat Brain Toy Company includes ten plastic blocks which can interlock to create countless...

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