Collection by Erika Heet

Modern Lakeside Homes


They may range from humble wood cabins to contemporary architectural masterpieces, but the following 6 houses have one thing in common: each beautifully complements its lakeside setting.

Cedar slats mark the facade of Floating House, Doug and Becca Worple's lake house in Ontario.
Cedar slats help this Ontario lake house float soundly atop still waters.
This shot looks north from the lake edge and shows the raised elevation and transition to the existing cabin.
This is the reading room in the new addition; The T&G wood wall and ceiling finish are made from a reclaimed grain silo...
The Douglas House is a clear nod to Les Terrasses, a 1928 residence created by Le Corbusier in Garches, France.
The exterior view of the Douglas House stepped walkway that extends over the surrounding trees.
Here's a view of the steel and glass master bedroom as it cantilevers over the patio and yard.
The cantilevered master bedroom appears to hover above the lake. Photo by Brian Mihealsick.
The entrance ramp leads to the smaller module, containing a bedroom, a bathroom and a rooftop observation deck; the...
The living area overlooking the lake includes a banquette that seats eight and sleeps three, upholstered with a fully...
For his lakeside retreat just outside Mexico City, architect Bernardo Gomez-Pimienta designed everything from the house...
Loredana Dall’ Amico reads in the living room, where all the seating was designed by her husband.