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Mediterranean style isn't just a code word for chintzy California mansions. These houses take cues from the famous region by the sea.

The home is divided into two floors: seen here is the second floor, where the bedrooms enjoy private balconies and...
Like many others, the home was built painstakingly by hand by its owners.
The restaurant El Pinton in Seville, Spain.
NOEM, a Barcelona-based architecture firm, created a metal-clad house for a young client just outside Madrid.
Aside from its dramatic appearance, the home's subterranean construction comes with an energy efficiency advantage: the...
GilBartolomé Architects says the metal facade looks like "the skin of a dragon set in the ground when seen from below"...
A modern rendition of Mediterranean architecture combines with sparse landscaping to create a simple, minimalist feel.
Two pieces from E15’s Shiraz sofa flank...
The two buildings on either end of the house form an intimate, private courtyard between them — a common feature of...
An outdoor water feature adds a subtle soundtrack to the property while keeping the plants irrigated.
The interior scheme prevents clutter in a variety of creative ways, including concealing a heat pump in the walls and...
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