Collection by Zachary Edelson

Modern Homes with Copper Designs and Craft


Warm and malleable, copper is one of humanity's oldest metallic mediums for art and craftsmanship. Architects and artisans have always used its pliability and reactivity—it oxidizes to a bright green—to their advantage, producing supple, richly hued creations. That tradition continues with these six homes.

The copper exterior of the Stein House from 1933 shows a clear debt to Dow's teacher and mentor Frank Lloyd Wright.
The family dog enjoys the shade provided by the corrugated-copper roof overhangs.
Schatz and Eamon bought a small sheet of copper, cut out their house numbers, mixed and poured some concrete, and...
From its locally quarried stone foundation to its zinc-coated copper roof, the cottage was inspired by its surroundings.
The copper-covered volume extends from the first floor, where it contains coat and shoe storage.
Custom hammered-copper tiles add texture and reflect light in the master bedroom.