Collection by Andrea Smith

Modern Homes with Breezeways


Take a look at how these eight houses connect their freestanding interior spaces with outdoor corridors.

A slatted walkway leads into the new library, which the Gimons have outfitted with a Topissimo rug by Nani Marquina,...
Cook and Compa turned a carport into a breezeway, adding patio furniture and an orange bench to give the space a dash...
In a narrow residual area between the breezeway and the house's northern elevation, Cohen created a so-called "skinny...
Looking out to the water, the view peers back to Long Island with the Left Fork on its right, and the Right Fork just...
In fall, the color of this backyard in Charlottesville, Virginia, changes daily with the foliage.
A low-slung breezeway connects the main living area and kitchen to the bedroom wing.
A view from the new breezeway, revealing part of the living room and the unfinished wood on the floating stair.
Tanya Wexler and Amy Zimmerman linger in the breezeway designed to draw eyes, and footsteps, from the driveway through...

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