Collection by Luke Hopping

Modern Homes in Upper Manhattan


Downtown and Brooklyn may be better-known as hotspots for artists and creatives, but Uptown has its share of daring design. Plus, the Park.

A parallelogram-shaped window pane, rescued from an architectural salvage yard, was outfitted with steel edges and...
A second-story balcony overlooks a small yard.
Brooklyn architect Tim Seggerman designed and built what he calls a “crafted jewel box”.
“When I first thought of moving to Harlem, I looked at a map,” says Ryall.
The homeowners, avid cooks, worked with a design duo and a contractor found on the site.
The Zizmors extended their living room by installing an 8-by-15-foot sliding glass door, which leads to an outdoor...
The design team enclosed the vestibule of the front entrance to offer an area in which everyone can remove shoes and...
A new residential building in upper Manhattan, dubbed The Stack and designed by the architecture firm Gluck+, employed...
Eric Schneider and Michael Chen take in the space-efficient renovation.
In the kitchen, the architects contrasted the oak floor, bamboo cabinetry, and birch walls and ceiling with what...

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