Collection by Zachary Edelson

Modern Homes in Sonoma and Napa


From midcentury modern renovations to cutting-edge prefabs, the neighboring Napa and Sonoma Counties possess a wide range of homes in the modern tradition.

Though the daughter didn’t want all-glass walls, natural light and airflow were key.
Ever aware of context, architect Henry Siegel says of his house, “A lot of architects’ buildings look better on a...
Lambert pours wine in the kitchen, which is defined by a low concrete-block wall and serves as the home’s central core.
Two linked 1,000-square-foot pavilions are greater than a sum of their parts.
To install Charles Willson’s prefab house, Stillwater Dwellings lifted the structure over an existing barn on the...
David Easton, a pioneer in the field of rammed-earth construction, developed sturdy blocks made from recycled and waste...

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