Collection by Zachary Edelson

Modern Homes for Surfers


Much like modern design, surfing was once at the periphery of American popular culture. Thankfully, both gradually moved into the mainstream and even surfers have embraced modern materials and design in their surfboards. These oceanic athletes' enthusiasm for catching waves matches their love for contemporary architecture.

Designer and digital fabricator Shawn Benson shares his 595-square-foot second-floor space with his wife, Jessica, and...
Aidlin Darling's design for a three-story, Cor-Ten steel addition to a beachfront house in San Francisco was featured...
It was the surf and the artsy vibe that attracted Eric Grunbaum to Venice Beach, California, 18 years ago.
The best view of the sea comes from the master bedroom on the home's northern edge.
Joined by architect Michael Lee and friend Gus McConnell, Jacobson shouts up to Dukes that they’re headed out for an...
The main room serves as a living/dining/kitchen area, where there is just enough room for a Saarinen table surrounded...

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