Collection by Jami Smith

Modern Homes Decorated with Ivy


Ivy-covered houses conjure romantic thoughts of English cottages and times of yore but modern homes can benefit from a little lush greenery decoration too. Here, we take a look at seven modern houses with a touch of ivy.

The family takes full advantage of their sylvan yard, Sarah Baird and her children Bo and Sky read a book out on the...
Austin couple Anne Suttles and Sam Shah built a house to last their lifetime—and longer.
The patio outside Wenes's house and gallery.
Four custom-built sliding doors divide indoor and outdoor spaces.
The windows themselves come from Lumisystem.
Byron Mouton and girlfriend, Julie Charvat watch the world go by, New Orleans style.
From the outside, an unassuming 1942 cottage overlooking Vancouver’s harbor is an unexpected place to find Omer Arbel,...