Collection by Zach Klein

Modern Homes Across the American Midwest


From Michigan to Iowa, these dwellings are at home among the prairies and forests of America's heartland.

Set in the lush Wisconsin forest, this neatly stacked cabin was built vertically in order to minimize the amount of...
A couple in Evanston, Illinois, asked John Issa of Perimeter Architects to add on a two-story, 650-square-foot addition...
The exterior of the Field House, designed by Wendell Burnette Architects in Ellington, Wisconsin.
You may think that an existing or historic home—known for its drafty windows, old-fashioned mechanical systems, and...
Crowned with a glass observatory, this scenic Wisconsin home commands panoramic views of the surrounding grasslands.
“When you’re doing a second home, a lot of the character of the design is defined by what it isn’t,” says architect...
Finding a home in the Cincinnati suburb of Wyoming was easy for this well-traveled family.