Collection by Claire Andreas

Modern Homes Across Spain


From island cottages to city homes, these three Spanish abodes offer plenty of inspiration for anything from incorporating more color into your space to integrating your home into its natural surroundings.

The architects discreetly sunk a pool into the roof terrace of the old corral.
In Marquina and Font’s living room, a pair of kilim-covered chairs by Philippe Xerri, a chest of drawers by Piet Hein...
Like many others, the home was built painstakingly by hand by its owners.
The couple snapped up a 2,600-square-foot late-18th-century flat, which they’ve since filled with...
Hayon and Klunder’s nearby studio is an appealing place to work, with its high ceilings and historic cement tile floors.
Cave dwelling so near the seemingly endless blue water has a distinctly no-frills vibe, but it’s hard to argue with the...