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On Vashon Island, about 20 miles southwest of Seattle, architect Seth Grizzle designed a 440-square-foot multiuse...
“They wanted the new cabin to make a ‘L’ shape with the older cabin, but I convinced them to mimic the old cabin on the...
The house is divided into three sections connected by a series of outdoor galleries.
superrkül dubbed this project the Stealth Cabin because it's hidden in the landscape and will continue to recede in...
South American Beach Escape (Governador Celso Ramos,...
The home, clad in natural Australian timber, enjoys a sense of lightness thanks to slender columns that let it float...
The kitchen and dining area opens onto a patio. Photo by Ken Pagliaro Photography.
One side of the building contains two simple bedrooms and a bathroom.
Mike Kurokawa and Paul Fishman set out for the beach from their house in the Puna region of Hawaii.
Native grasses, such as red fescue and California oat, dot the landscape surrounding the house.
Native grasses, large wood timbers, and plentiful amounts of stone help maintain the sense of “living close to nature”...
The structure sits lightly on a stone patio that cuts into the hillside site.
A reclaimed-wood fireplace is a defining feature in the living room.
Architect Mary Ann Schicketanz created a 1,900-square-foot home in Big Sur, California, that hugs its hillside site.
The Source // Brighton...
The Treehouse, also part of the Post Ranch Inn, features Cor-ten panels.
There are generously proportioned nine-foot-high ceilings throughout the Desert House.
With its dramatic facade, the Cornwall House, located in Cornwall, Vermont, is adjacent to the town of Middlebury,...
The front facade features Cor-Ten steel fabricated by Praxy Cladding.

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