Collection by Aaron Britt

Modern Furniture Kids Can Draw On


How many design-minded parents have cried out in terror as their Sharpie-wielding toddler angles through the left-ajar baby gate and heads directly for the Womb chair? Fear not, gentle parents, for British designer Timothy Ben may have just solved your problem with a pair of smart, sturdy pieces that come with your little ones in mind. A low table and a tall chest, the Scribble and the Jackanory respectively, are elegant additions to the home that come with chalkboard panels ideal for an afternoon doodle or a last-minute shopping list.

A low slab, the Scribble coffee table by Timothy Ben comes in ash, oak, cherry, or walnut and will make a handsome...
Leave a note, let your kid draw, or maybe do a bit of TV-time doodling yourself on the chalkboard end of the Scribble...
The Jackanory wardrobe is a long, lean number with a similar shape to the Scribble table.
The Jackanory locker-style wardrobe's chalkboard panel can be replaced with either a mirror or clock fingers.
The door opens with a push and the clean lines of the Jackanory wardrobe give a sophisticated finish to a playful piece.