Collection by Zachary Edelson

Modern Forest Retreats


From a remote site outside Japan to the Ozark Mountains, forests are the perfect setting for these six dwellings.

“I wanted the buildings to be crisp, bold, and clean,” Coleman said.
In Japan, where the average life span of a building is about 25 years, using basic materials like plywood was essential...
Cement panels painted a plum hue clad Jason Gordon’s 1,157-square-foot cabin in the Ozark Mountains.
Go Hasegawa’s minimal intervention gently communicates with the surrounding dense forest.
Set in the lush Wisconsin forest, this neatly stacked cabin was built vertically in order to minimize the amount of...
Mami and Goo the Kishu dog return from a frolic in the forest, which the couple, along with Hideaki, has thinned and...
superrkül dubbed this project the Stealth Cabin because it's hidden in the landscape and will continue to recede in...