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30+ Best Modern Fences


They say that good fences make good neighbors, but it's equally true that good fences make for good design. Here, from Dwell's archives, are eight examples of fences that enhance the aesthetic value of their properties.

If good fences make good neighbors, then Shino and Ken Mori are the best neighbors ever.
Viarengo used the espalier method—in which a plant’s branches are affixed to asurface to encourage them to grow flat—to...
From the street, 67710 San Antonio Street in Desert Hot Springs, California, doesn't look all that exciting—though the...
At the threshold between the public realm and the private.
Rahman did her own landscaping in the garden outside her house.
The architect used horizontal slats for privacy, but alternated them on the fence and second-floor deck to allow...
A sculptural picnic table by artist Michael Beitz flows over the fence like a waterfall.
The gap between the house and the fence creates a small patio with space for raised bed vegetable gardening.
A horizontally-clad pine fence surrounds the home, giving its residents a measure of privacy at night despite the...
A small fence in the yard echoes the posts that support the new master suite.
The apartments are located in an up-and-coming stretch of downtown Phoenix, where many young professionals have...
The small pool at the top of the landing provides the family with a place to cool off.
The couple asked for a “no maintenance, not low maintenance” backyard.
In the back, ivy climbs across the garage’s raw cedar cladding next to a gate that allows access to the laneway—but the...
A modern stone fence made of galvanized steel mesh filled with stones surrounds the house.
As we were driving around, I spotted this incredible gabion fence.
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